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Obtain the necessary copyrights to work with desired content

Copyright regulates the legal relationships associated with the creation and use of works that are the result of creative activity.

Buying a work gives to the buyer the right only to dispose of it, but does not give the right to take any action with this work. A purchased copy can be read, resold, given or even destroyed, but can not be reproduced publicly or otherwise used in the framework of copyright laws.

When it is necessary to use the copyright (for example, reproduction for use in business), permission can be obtained either directly from the right holder, or from a third-party organization that has been authorized by the copyright holder.

Relations in the field of intellectual property law are regulated by Part IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Copyright on the work of literature does not require a registration (Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

Becoming a member of our Copyright Exchange, you get the opportunity to acquire the rights not only of Russian authors, but also from leading copyright exchanges of Great Britain and the USA.

If you have already concluded a License Agreement for the use of works and you have any questions — order a free audit of your copyrights.

If you need advice on copyright issues, or you want to make an examination of the contract before signing, click the link.

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